Saturday 19 June 2021

Invest in Yourself.. (10/10)

You are the deal. 

You are your own destiny helper. Don't mind the loudmouths selling expired news. You and you alone are the carrier, sustainer, and birth-er of your dreams. No one else can ever take that glory from you. Everyone is self-made or self-destroyed; self-releasing, or self-limiting. Only the successful readily admit it.

You are the goose that lays the golden egg. The eggs are only as good as you are. If you are good and in the right state, you will lay quality golden eggs. If you are poorly shaped, you'll either lay no eggs or poor unattractive eggs with no glory or beauty.

You see the ball is in your court and always is. Everything you need to attain to the highest version of all God created you to be is ready and available. You are the last piece of the puzzle. Are you going to rise to the occasion of life? Are you going to come to the party?

Work Harder on Yourself 

I like the way my mentor puts it. "Work harder on yourself than your work on your job." (Jim Rohn) This was so real to me some twenty (20) years ago. I was five (5) years with the company I work for. I had started working in the field four (4) years. My fifth year was a baptism of fire. 

Expected to learn so much in a short period and immediately take responsibility for three times what is normal. I rose to the occasion but was not rewarded. What was more? The people above me lied. Even the ones who called themselves my friend. 

I was at crossroads but decided not to change the core of who I am. men might not have rewarded me, but God did. The experience I gained in that one year, no one can ever take away from me. That became my philosophy and still is. I like to say, "I work for free." What I do and how I do it has no bearing on the pay.

Work Your Heart Out. 

I always work my heart out on every and any job I get to be on. That is my life philosophy. I am either in or out. There ain't no half pregnant woman, There ain't no half pregnant job for me. And, it does not matter home, in church, at the clubhouse, etc.

To be able to remain at top-level performance, I recognize the need to ensure my own cup is always full...physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Over the years I have rather had a sinusoidal outlook on my physical exercise. Being one with a workaholic tendency, it has been easy for work to drive me away.

That has to be a thing of the past now. I am not getting any younger. I am committed to doing the minimum every day. Out on the road walking every day, 5 - 6 am. My walks double and triple as my "dedicated thinking time," "prayer walk," as well as listening to talks and messages." 

I have mini gyms with power training equipment being set up in my homes. As Les Brown rightly said, "if you want your life to be easy you do the hard things now." I choose life. I choose to pay the price for the life I want and desire.

Spoil Yourself.

We are spiritual beings here to have a human experience. The whole essence of the rat race is the experience it affords. If you do not get the experience you will be of all men most miserable. We are not here to accumulate. We are not here to compete. We are not here to follow the proverbial Joneses. 

We are here to experience life. And, Jesus says that is not even enough. He adds in overwhelming measures. Let no witch or wizard steal from you. God wants you to enjoy and relish life and be pleasured. You owe that to yourself. No one else will do it for you. No one else can do you like you. 

Invest in yourself. Invest your today. Invest in your future. You are all you got.

Wealthy June.
St. Akin de RICH.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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