Saturday 19 June 2021

Financial Plan for Success (Part Three): Pay Yourself First. You Deserve It.
You Are IT.

No truer truth was ever said than this, "Be kind to Yourself." After God, you are the most important person in the equation and affairs of your life. Not your bishop (big shot), pastor (small shot), imam, wife, or whosoever As far as the affairs of your life is concerned, you are next to God in the hierarchy.

Religious people will try to tell you otherwise. Guess what? That is why they are poor and cannot amount to anything in life. They have their priorities backward and upside down. Thinking they are worshipping God, they are engrossed in the worship of men and titles. Not so is the way of life.

The most important person in the pecking order after God is you. You are God's investment in fulfilling the purposes of your life. Without you, there is no fulfillment. You are shaped, molded, and endowed for the specific work God has for you.

Save and Invest:

So, pay yourself first, after God. Save and invest. Get in a perpetual saving program, or at least accumulate a savings safety nest of six (6) months' worth of your monthly take-home, or expenditure. It is your insurance not only for the rainy day but also for harnessing opportunities that will come your way.
Think investing. Like my mentor, Jim Rohn will say, "profits are better than wages." Wages are limited, and out of your control. Profits are limitless and very much in your control. And, you can go a step further. You can create and start a business(es).

As sure as sure is, opportunities will come your way. The only uncertainty is, will you be ready will they come? You have to be ready financially, of course. You also have to be ready psychologically. It takes some grit to be a business person, especially when you are at the cutting edge of the sector

Business requires a bit of madness and craze in believing you'll make it through. Only the crazy ones believe enough to break through. And, it comes from preparation. It comes from doing the little things well. It comes from faithfulness in what is presently in your hands.

Make Demands.

Life NEVER gives. It only rewards. Life will NEVER give you what you need or want. It will only reward you with all you need and want by that which you sow to make demands thereof. You ask, "I want so and so." Life replies, "what do you have to offer for, or in exchange.?"

Never forget making demands is the rule of the game. And, we do that by the seeds we sow every single day in every single thing we do, and way. Nothing is ordinary. Everything counts and matters in the affair of life. It is never the big things that move the needle. It is the seemingly simple, and insignificant things.

We Want You Rich.
St. Akin de RICH.

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