Saturday 19 June 2021

Financial Plan for Success (Part Two): Do you have a problem with Tithing?

I believe in Tithing. Do you? Tithing to me is the MINIMUM amount I give to God as part of my rite of passage through this life. MINIMUM IS THE KEYWORD.

People have grown to give even much more. R.G. LeTourneau gave 90%, and lived on 10%. Angelina Jolie gave 33%, Saved 33%, and lived on 33%. Others gave 20%, 40%, 70%, and so on. 

If you cannot give the minimum 10% you will NEVER be rich. Giving is the key to mastery over money.

If you cannot give, you cannot receive. If you cannot sow, you can not harvest.

If you cannot water, you cannot be watered. How much simpler do you want me to say it?

Do you have questions? Let us discuss this. 

We Want You Rich.
St. Akin de RICH.

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