Tuesday 2 February 2021

Here to Serve:

"Don’t build walls and shut people out of your life. To act as if another does not exist is a mean and cruel weapon." – Joyce Meyer.

To shut yourself in is a sure road to mental sickness. It is built and guaranteed by the devil himself. It works without fail.

Yes, it feels great initially, but it ends no other place but in depression, anxiety disorders, and the like. You were not created to be in isolation.

You were created and sent here to serve. Only in service can you be fulfilled. You were not created to be needy. You were created to love to be the face of God to others.

Your miracle is found in the place of your service, the place where love is on display. The way to life is the way of service. The way to being loved is found in the place of loving others.

Don't let no stupid devil deceive and hold you captive. Step out and be a blessing to someone.

Still Loving You.
St. Akin de Great.

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