Tuesday 2 February 2021

Hello! February, 2021. Let's War With Love.

Intimacy = Into Me See.
Happy New Month, Family.

Wow! What a year? How many of you are glad 2021 is well on its way? I sure am. It has been a jam-packed month for me spread across all that makes me the person I am. Done all the back to school stuff, driving several trips a day to buy stuff and get the girls back to school. Been pretty busy in the teaching, coaching, counseling, and therapy space. 

The Present Moment:

I hope the right inspirations are hitting you per time. I have committed never to be in a hurry. I do my best, but always respect the present reality, refusing to ever be in a state of anxiety. That is the way to catch the frequency of the rhythms of your life. Regrets will get you out of balance and tune. The same effect will be given by anxiety. We were never created to be driven by regret and anxiety. 

We were designed and created to always live in the present moment. The present moment is the place of our power and efficacies. It bears the frequency of our life, our being. The present moment is where the music of our life exists. Anything out of the present moment and we are making noise. We are screeching, sounding more like a broken record. 

We are out of consonance with the life forces anytime we are out of tune with the present moment. Never give place to hurry, regrets, or anxiety in your life. These are birds of the same feathers, perambulating together and taking captive any who would give heed to any of them. May you never be a victim of these shameless, vicious, and evil taskmasters.

Love Warring February:

This leads us to our topic for February. February of every year, without exception my major focus is on “Love, Friendship and Relationship.”  Love conquers all. It works by faith. Did you realize that? If not, be patient. You'll see that as we share in the course of the month. Did you realize faith works by love also? Surprised? They belong to the same family, and they perambulate together. 

Did you know about 85% of your success is dependent on your ability to relate? In fact top companies will rather employ for your ability to relate and work well with others above your personal skills and talents.
Your ability to relate is your ability to form synergistic wholeness with others. Napoleon Hill calls it forming the mastermind. 

There is a whole lot more you can do in alliances than you can ever dream of all on your own. That is the power of relationship. It is the essence of life itself. We were crafted for relationship. Our lives find their fulfillment and highest endeavor only in the place of relationship. Love and faith overcome hurry, regret and anxiety. This year will be no exception. We will be focusing on “Love, Friendship and Relationship.”  

So, tighten your belt and let us take flight. Hopefully, we can share some deep thoughts on this in the cause of the month. Hoping you'll be blessed and be set on the right trajectory for the remainder of the year 2021.

Never forget. You were born to succeed. It is your destiny.

Successful January:

Wow! What an awesome first of 12 months and 31 out of 365 days in 2021. I can definitely say I am on track to surpass 2020 and all before. This is already on trak to be my best year ever. Can you say the same? If not, why not? Well irrespective, there is nothing you can do about it other than to learn the right lessons and apply them in the months to come. 

That is the only reasonable and effective use of your energy. We all have another one month and or 28 days to get our acts right and together. It amazes me the kind of people who look down on this kind of talks. Yet they are the first to go around begging. They refuse to give attention to the right things at the right time, then they start blaming every one else plus the devil and God, but themselves for their predicament. Sorry souls in deed. 

May their ignorance and stupidity not kill them before their ripe time. Amen! It's a new month. Let’s go rolling again. Let’s go sowing. Let’s go pressing forward. Let’s go making things happen. You were born to succeed. It’s your destiny.


Happy New Month from my heart to yours, from my family to yours. May this month answer to you. I love and appreciate you from the heart. Thanks for your fellowship here. You make the difference. Let us continue making the difference in 2021.

The script has been finished, signed, sealed, and delivered. Now go act it out. Go live it out knowing, no matter what you face, no matter what comes your way, the end has already been predetermined; you won! Now go forth in this your might and bring in the medals.

Here is a toast to your success and victory always. 

You are the reason why we are. Thanks for being here.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse

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