Wednesday 21 October 2020

Parenting: The Art of Gate Keeping

Parents, We Need You.

“The communication that starts with parents and children is one of the most influential and persuasive ways children can learn to socialize throughout their lives, research shows.” ― Shanicia Boswell.

Perfect from Source:

No child ever proceeded from God with a human definition of the bigger five personality trait descriptions anything other than perfect. That is how we proceeded from our perfect God. We came as perfect as God is. However, as we proceeded into this life through the gateway of the "seed," susceptibility to imperfection is born deep within us. This moves our traits description along the spectrum scale down from perfection. 

Corrupted by "Seed":

We become less emotionally stable, either extra or introverted, less agreeable, conscientious, and open. How far we slide from perfection depends on the environment we are exposed to between conception and age 5. The basic personality of a person is formed by age five (5). When a person is most vulnerable to external influence, as the ability to reason, the mind's gateway to acceptability (believability) is not fully developed.

All that happens thereafter is a smoothen out of the curve, a stabilization of the framework that has already been cast. Once a person's frontal cortex is fully formed at age five (5), the natural tendency and propensity are to question everything. This is purely the frontal cortex exercising and rejoicing in its coming to life. Curiosity is at it highest propensity.

Prepared for the Journey:

The nurturing and permission of this curiosity is very important in the life of a person. It follows the "Law of Use." The law of use is a "Universal," "Physical," "Commercial," "Mental," and "Moral Law." As a Universal Law, it simply states, "Having is using. Anything not used is already the same as lost. It will be lost by and by. In this sense of having, the more we have, the more we get; the less we have, the less we get. [R.D. Hitchcock, D.D.]

As a mental law, it states, "Even knowledge, like the manna of old, just needs to be fresh. It will not keep. The successful teacher is always a diligent and eager learner. Just when he has nothing new to say, just then, his authority begins to wane. Much more is a mental activity essential to mental force...Ceasing to gain, we begin to lose. Ceasing to advance, we begin to retrograde." [R.D. Hitchcock, D.D.]

Released to Be:

So, you can understand the negativity and retrogressive of not allowing our children to exercise their newfound freedom and skill of curiosity. We destroy our next generation and generations yet unborn out of ignorance and laziness in growing parenting skills and acuity. The limit to which we allow children to exercise their curiosity is the limit to which they own it, even in their adult lives.

Parenting involves the art of helping children actualize, become all they possibly can within the limit of all we can provide for them. This is a duty for us and a right for our children. We owe them. Their destiny is in our hands. We are their future. We are their growth. We are their gatekeepers. How are we playing? How are we going to play?

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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