Thursday 15 October 2020

Faith or Presumption?

"You cannot call it faith if there is no vulnerability or uncertainty. If you have all the answers, then don’t call what you do faith." – BrenĂ© Brown.

There is faith, and there is a presumption. Which are you dealing with? God will always respond to faith but not presumption. Before staking your all, ensure you are doing it on faith, not presumption.

Faith rests on God. REST is a keyword. It is open to God in every sense of the word, REST. It is at peace with God's person, judgment, and timing. It is not time-bound. It does not expire.

Faith is not yesterday, nor is it tomorrow. Faith is ever-present. It is ever NOW. Now, faith is. Faith is letting go and letting God in every area and aspect of life.

Faith is being at home with uncertainty while knowing and holding unto certain things that never change. These certain things are the anchor that helps the soul keep station amidst the ever-blowing contrary winds and waves of life.

Faith is not too protective of who I am today, but rather be willing to be any and all things that might be required to ever be at the center of God's will and purpose for my life.

Faith is God through and through. Do you have faith? Or, do you presume you do?

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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