Saturday 17 October 2020

A "Church Boy," Who Loves The Lord:

Well, I like to call myself a church boy. That is all I have really known most of my adult life. Came to faith shortly after high school, some thirty-seven (37) short years ago. The devil lost the opportunity of having me in high school.

Like every other life, it has not been a straight journey. I have had my sunny days, my rainy days,, and my cloudy days. I have had my dawn of day, just as much as I have had my thick of thick dark hours.

There have been the summer seasons, just as much as there have been the winter seasons; the mountains and the valleys; the well-watered gardens and the wilderness; the times I am found, and the times I was lost and clueless; days of faith and days in the thickness of unbelief.

Through it all and more, it has been God. He is the sum total of my person and journey. The enemy wanted to have me, but God. But God, but God said, "No! Not this one. This is mine. He's got my mark on him." So, I am because of God.

If there is anything special about me, it is simply because I am just a "church boy" who loves the Lord. I am working on my first book, which in some people's eyes is, probably, long overdue.

My first book will be focused on my pilgrimage in the light of scriptures and on the shoulders of giants that have gone ahead. I can't wait to have it in your hands, but it will not happen any earlier than God has ordained.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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