Sunday 6 September 2020

The Power of Visualization (Part Eight): Creating A New World

Got My Brains Switched On
We create new realms of possibilities and make our being comfortable with it. We, as it were, create a belief in the impossible becoming possible. "To visualize is to direct unseen energy into an orderly vibration and that is what is needed to manifest desires of the inner self. Desires must first be created in thoughts and then they are created in ‘real-life’. Humans are the sum of what they think about and focus on most." (John Assaraf)

Visualization brings us to the place of believing in our self, our dreams, our goals, and our vision. We can say, “It is possible. We are possible.” We can face our fears and our pains with an answer, rather than running, or seeking shelter, hiding our tail between our legs. It is our way of facing life and all it brings head-on. And, the good thing is, we can do it without having to shed blood. All it cost is the sweat of daring, the sweat of asking more of life. 

Visualization is our mental preparation for the fight of life, the fight for/of our destiny. It awakens all that is in us to the occasion. It is our way of negotiating with our own very self. It is our way of ensuring there is no enemy within standing in our own way. Like the old African Proverb says, “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” Such is the power generated by visualization. It causes our being to be comfortable with our new, desired normal. 

We are able to fine-tune the plan, working out the kinks before going on stage for the real "drama of life." "I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally so that I feel even more prepared." (Allyson Felix) "I visualize things in my mind before I have to do them. It's like having a mental workshop." (Jack Youngblood) We get what we expect out of life. That which we focus our attention on we attract. That which we set our attention on becomes our reality. 

We draw things into our life by the attention we give to them. This is irrespective of who we are and/or what we think we want. Our attention determines our true expectations. And, guess what? It will not be cut off. It will come to pass. Our attention is the activating force. The onus is on us to focus on the things we want (faith), and not the things we do not want (fear). That ought to be pretty straight forward. Don’t you think? Let us get about creating the future we want.

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." (George Bernard Shaw) Life has a way of yielding to the one who truly wants it. A whole lot of lazy, unmotivated people are quick to conclude life is not fair; thinking they finally hit on some deep revelation - Eureka. Huh? Unknown to them, they are simply stating the obvious. Life is not fair. It was never meant to be fair. 

Life does not give its bounty according to needs. It gives according to one’s demand and an appreciation of its value. Your situation is not going to get better just because you are in pain, or you are in need. It is not going to get better by chance. It will only get better if your pain gets you off your butt to do something about it. You got to want life to get it. You got to place demands on life to get it. You got to really want it with the whole of your being for it to open its treasure chest to you. 

That is what we do when we visualize – create/draw the mental picture of that which we desire. "Nothing great happens in life without a dream." (John Smith) It is time to start creating the future you want. I see you on the other side and you look glorious. 

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