Wednesday 17 June 2020

Real Wealth

Wealth Building Systems?
Real wealth goes beyond simply living from paycheck to paycheck, just barely above broke. There is nothing wrong with a paycheck, for as long as you know and recognize what it stands for. It is your bread and seed. Don’t treat it only as bread. Otherwise, you do that to your own peril. To make real wealth you have to do the right things with the salaries, wages, and fees you presently get.

You need to see a world out there, beyond your present, seeming limitations. You've got to see the potentials you are possible of. You've got to see life beyond your next paycheck. You need to set up the right wealth-generating system(s) to support your vision.

There are several variations of wealth-generating systems one can imbibe. The important thing is keying into one that works for one, and be committed to the same. The basic premises of the systems are the same. It involves first honoring the invisible - from whom/where all wealth truly comes. All wealth truly starts from the seeming nothing – the ideas, the strength, the health, the connections, the coincidences, etc. 

This all comes from the invisible realm - a power, a person bigger than us. All that we see temporal and passing away. That which we do not see are the permanent things. They influence and determine the outcome of the temporal world that we see and live in. So, acknowledging that in ou Wealth Building system is the only wise thing to do.

The second requirement for our system ensures financial independence/abundance for us. It does not matter where we presently are, our system ought to get us to that place where we no more HAVE to work for money. That is not to say we stop working. For work has its own use, other than the need to pay bills. Our system needs to have as its targets getting us to that state where we work for those other reasons.

Therefore one's system needs to include a process of paying one’s self first and investing before meeting one’s everyday needs. Having a budget for everyday needs goes a long way in ensuring a disciplined and cultured approach to handling money. Our emotions cannot be left alone with money, especially in a world where everyone seems to think they have a better plan for our money than we do. 

And, they have devised various means of speaking favorably to our emotions, at the risk of our own detriment. Our main defense against this is the "power of a budget (spending plan)." With a budget, we can decide our expenditure in a state when and where we are most rational. More so, the simple act of writing it down forces us to think. 

The idea of a budget is not to take the fun out of our living. Rather, it is to manage it. It is to keep it within that which we can afford, that which will not hurt our future, our plan for freedom, independence. So, a budget manages our impulsive spending tendencies, while taking full recognition of our values and priorities. 

No one builds real wealth by simply being emotional. Being emotional about money opens one to every single gimmick floating around. How true is the saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” It is not as much what comes to a man (woman included) that makes him rich. It is what he does with it, gets to keep and keep working for him that makes the difference. 

It is simply called being on top of one’s money (cash flow) and making it work. Of a truth, "Real wealth comes from doing deals, not from earning wages, salaries, or fees." (Richard Templar)

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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