Sunday 16 August 2020

Is Busyness Holding you Captive?

The Evil of Busyness
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living:

The ancient Chinese have two interesting symbols for the word, "busyness." Those two symbols are "Heart" (or “Soul”) and "Killing." In essence, what they imply is that “busyness” leads to the death of a “soul.” Don’t let busyness kill your heart, your relations with the important people in your life. Make time (space) for the people that matter in your life. Beware of taking too much pride in your being busy.

The questions to ask include, busy doing what? Is your busyness controlling you, or you are still holding to the control? Is your busyness a new drug, you are now addicted to? Do you have planned breaks and vacations? Are the important people and things in your life still on your schedule? Or, you have “busy-ed” them out of your schedule and priority listing? Is your busyness creating hurry sickness in you?

Life is Balance:

Are you on top of your scheduling and priority listing? Is there a cogent reason for your busyness? Is it time based or timeless? Is it turning you to a narcissist, or you are still connecting? You cannot continue to be a busy time without end. The important people in your life might not be there by the time you wake up from the sleep of this your new found drug.

Busyness is one of the tools in the hands of the devil, that is if you allow it to run your life. Keep your caution lights on, and never forget balance is the name of the game of life. Busyness is the silent killer of marriages. The spouse gives the excuse he or she is busy trying to pay the bills of the family. Really? The family sure appreciates your sacrifice, but they still want you. No money, no gift will ever replace you.

Life is not an “or” game. That is for low-level living. Life is an “and” game. Balance is the name of the game. Any extreme will not cut it.

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