Tuesday 2 June 2020

The beautiful ones are yet Unborn:

I really don't care what you think you missed in the past. There are bigger and better opportunities in your present and in the future. The beautiful ones are yet to be born. Your biggest break is in front of you, not behind you. 

The only question is are you seeing them? The only challenge is will you see them? Or, will you allow your resentment to keep blinding you, and stealing your joy, your peace, and your wholeness? 

Stop it! Get a hold of yourself. You are better than that. Get off the stuck. Get back to life. There is a stream waiting for you. Get in the flow.

We might not be in control of when opportunities come, but we sure are in control of being ready. We sure are in control of building the right capacities to harness it. And, guess when the best time is to start? Yes, you are right. Now! Today is the best time to start. For our future starts right now. It does not matter what has happened up to this moment. This moment is the most critical. You can open a new chapter.

No more place for whining. No more place for complaining. It is time to stop crying. It is time to start working on you. It is time to start building capacity. It is time to start getting ready. For, the next opportunity is just around the corner. And, guess what? It has your name on it.


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