Saturday 23 May 2020

Focus + Attention = Creation

What are you focusing on? What are you giving power to in your life? That is what you are creating, irrespective of what you want or not. Your focus makes all the difference. what you focus on, is what you are calling into being in your life.

We get what we expect out of life. That which we focus our attention on we attract. That which we set our attention on becomes our reality. We draw things into our life by the attention we give to them. This is irrespective of who we are and/or what we think we want. Our attention determines our true expectations. And, guess what? It will not be cut off. It will come to pass. Our attention is the activating force.

The onus is on us to focus on the things we want (faith), and not the things we do not want (fear). That ought to be pretty straight forward. Don’t you think? Look at your life today, and it is a testament to what you have been focusing on so far. Do you like what you presently have? Do you like who you are becoming? If yes, stay at it. If no, then do something about it. Change your focus. Don't tell me you can't change. 

You are no tree. You are no dead fish. Swim in the direction you want. Swim in the direction of life. Let us get about creating the future we want.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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