Monday 4 May 2020

Who Are You? Who Are You Becoming?

I am Becoming the Picture of Me I See
Human beings are the only ones in God’s creation who can determine what they choose to be. And, they can actually become the same either metaphorically, and/or actual manifestation. God has given us His creative nature and free will. It is all stored up in the head and heart He has given to us. What we do with it is up to us, and determines our judgment both in this life, and that which is to come. We can decide to use this innate power to actualize all that God has endowed us with, or we can use it for self-degradation to hell, both in this life and/or the one to come.
"Man is what he believes." (Anton Chekhov)
It is all in our hands. It is all in our heads. It is all in our hearts. It is all in what we choose to believe, or not. It is all in whether we surrender our hearts to faith, or to fear. One gives life. The other gives death. One creates heaven here on earth. The other hell here on earth. Same earth different worlds all depending on what you choose to believe. Oh, what awesome and yet frightening responsibility has been placed in our hands. Our own destiny in our hands. Our success or failure all in our own hands. It is not the country we live in. It Is not the village we were born in. It is not where we work, but what we choose to do with our beliefs.
"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe." (Anatole France)
Some of us understand the power and are able to direct it consciously and voluntarily. Others are oblivious to it. Nonetheless, it is very much alive it swings our lives at will. It is not the money in the bank that makes a man poor or rich. It is all in his belief. What he has today is irrelevant. What is more important is, “Is he going up, or is he coming down?” “Does he have life in him, or not?” These beliefs make him.
"Humans have the innate capacity to create, and whether we’re doing it consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously, we are constantly manifesting and thereby creating our own realities." (Jordana Levin)
Who are you? Do you know? Who will you want to be? Do you know? Who do you see yourself as? Do you like the picture? Did you know you can do something about it? You can influence it. You can recreate it with belief, intention, and a whole lot of emotions (otherwise known as vibrations). What are you waiting for?

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