Saturday 23 May 2020

Every Discipline Matters:

Every discipline or the lack thereof produces after its kind. There are no independent disciplines or indisciplines. Every discipline (strength) you build, only enables more disciplines (strengths).

In the same token, every indiscipline (weakness) only enables other indisciplines (weaknesses) in other areas of your life. There are no small disciplines, nor small indisciplines. "Every new discipline affects all other disciplines".(Jim Rohn)

Every discipline and indiscipline affects who you are and are becoming. We allow the disciplines, or the lack thereof. Then the disciplines or the lack thereof begins to lord it over us.
The choice is ours on what we allow or not. We are the watchmen and gatekeepers over our own lives. We are response-able.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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