Saturday 23 May 2020

Step out and Win:

You Mean?
Are you a prisoner to your own actions? Are you doing the things you don't want to, and not doing the things you want to do?

Who has done you? Who is doing you?

Tick-tock shouts the time. It isn't waiting for you.

"When you do the wrong thing, knowing it is wrong, you do so because you haven't developed the habit of effectively controlling or neutralizing strong inner urges that tempt you, or because you have established the wrong habits and don't know how to eliminate them effectively." (W. Clement Stone)

You are not getting any younger, you know? Someone might as well tell you the truth. Sorry, to burst your bubble, but you need it. Wake up from your slumber. It is time to start living. It is time to start directing your life by purpose, worthy goals, and targets.

You know you really don't have to do anything in life. Right? Everything you do is because you have chosen, by an act of your will, not another's, to so do. And, hence the basis of judgment. For that is the responsibility carried by free will, free agency, some people choose to call it.

Don't forget power comes with the need to be response-able.

Why not be response-able and let God be proud of giving you the "power of choice" - "The Power of Freewill." God gave it to you, not the devil. He gave it to you because He believes in you. He gave it to you because He thinks highly of you.

Do you believe in yourself? Why not? if God believes in you, who are you not to believe in yourself? Com'on, get over yourself. No excuses will hold.
Nothing, and again I say nothing as the power over you. All things are yours by the use of choice. Now it might not necessarily all change overnight, but start. Keep at it and you'll be amazed at what will come of it.

So, open the prison doors are let yourself out. There is more to you than this.

You were made for more. Much more.

Step out and win.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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