Saturday 25 April 2020

Contentment is the Mark

Contentment - The Secret Formula
In the last three (3) weeks, I have been studying 1 Timothy 6:6. Posted four (4) parts of the study already. Working on the fifth. It is amazing the jewels stuffed in this one verse of scripture. The main discussion, in the passage, is the importance of Contentment. The verse itself reads, "Godliness with Contentment is great gain." Contentment is all about living in the present moment with a balanced perspective of the past and an audacious outlook (vision) of the future. It is a recognition and respect of the hands of providence in one’s life. We can't afford to live in our past. When we do, we make an idol of it. 
There are two possible negative ways of living in the past. We could live there willingly, as a place of solace, to run away from our present and a future we are unsure of. This sets the ground for depression, and possibly other maniac related mental sicknesses. It is the beginning of the drift/slide to hell (in this life, and possibly the one to come) Or, we could live there, unwillingly, because we feel trapped by something we either left undone or did wrongfully. A sin - missing of the mark and/or standard of God - that we have refused to forgive, and release, our self from. This traps us in the past. It, typically, leads directly to depression, making a hell of the present, and blink outlook of the future. 
God’s standard (which is the standard of life) is that our present is always bigger and better than our past. And, our future will, in the same token, always be bigger and better than our present. That is what life and life more abundantly, eternal life - Zoe, is all about. That is the standard, set mark, we all need to seek and aim for. As, T.D. Jakes will say, "There is nothing in my past, or behind me, that I long for. All I want and desire is in front of me." And, that is irrespective of what yesterday or today looks like. 
The way of life is looking forward to an audacious future while respecting and giving thanks for the present and past. Anything other than this is idolatry, covetousness, and a missing of the mark of life. 

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