Sunday 6 August 2017

Indecision: The Bane of a Life Well Lived

Immobilized By Fear
The rich and successful have their values and priorities well sorted out. They have goals and only take on the things that push (move) them towards these bottom line. They are out seeking opportunities and ideas that propel them towards their goals. They have a clear template to weight their decisions against. Hence, they are quick in making decisions and slow in changing them. Their clearly defined goals, values, and priorities afford them clarity in making decisions.

The poor and unsuccessful take forever in making decisions and are quick in changing their mind. Since they have no clearly defined destination, a place called "There," they are captives to their emotions and instincts. They waver forever between opinions, not knowing what they want. They are carried away by every distraction beckoning on them. Their "indecision is the inkling of fear." (Napoleon Hill) 

They have no principles they hold themselves accountable to. Their values and goals are not clearly defined. Hence they have no real anchor to judge themselves against every passing wind, being bewitched by the “Que sera sera spirit.” Thus, they blame every and any other person or thing, rather than themselves. 

Since they have no clearly written out goals, values, and priorities, they are driven more by the spur of the moment. They are the “feel good” people. Their emotions are having the better of them. They are out looking for security, while not clear about the price to pay; they continue to dig themselves further into their own calamity.

Their cravings for security immobilizes them in decision making. Anxiety sets it. Unfortunately for these, "indecision is a major time-waster; 80% of decisions should be made the first time they come up." (Brian Tracy) "We can’t manage time. Time happens. We can manage our choices in relation to the time that we have, what we choose to do with our time." (Tamara Myles) "The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision." (Maimonides)

"It is in your moments of indecision that your dreams are destroyed." (Dr. Marc Dassault) "Indecision and delays are the parents of failure." (George Canning) "Indecision is much worse than unsuccessful attempt." (Fernando de Rojas) Not so the way of life. The style of life involves clarity – it consists in knowing the direction one is headed and being resolute on getting there. 

Faith comes from transparency. Fear proceeds from a lack of clarity. Faith leads to abundance. Fear leads to poverty. 

To which is your life aligned? 

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