Tuesday 27 June 2017

Be the Prophet Over Your Children

Just how much more confident and assured our children will be, if we each take time to speak words of life over them. They matter. They are important. It is our responsibility to affirm our children, in the way of life. We all have heard of bad examples where parents speak evil discouraging, disparaging words to, and over their children. We have heard of the bad and limiting effect of such. What we NEED to get more conscious of is the opposite, which is equally and much more true. It makes a difference when we speak the future we see, of (and in) God, upon our children.

Let us be quick to speak good over them. Let us be quick to speak life over them. THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED THE BLESSING OF A FATHER. THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED THE BLESSING OF A MOTHER. Let the blessing work for our children. Speak life over them. They need it. Don’t speak as you feel. Don’t speak as you see. Speak words of faith over them for their own good, success and fulfillment in life. God bless our seeds.

May they be holy. May they obey God and do what is right and just. May God’s promises pursue, overtake and envelope them. May they be a source of joy to us all the days of our lives.

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