Thursday 4 April 2024

Amuludun Farms: Three (3) Years After | Part Two.

I was fighting my way out of depression. I needed to get my edge back. I needed to build back momentum. My circumstances had not changed. I had no power to change them, but I had the power to change myself. I always did, but I had lost my way. I always had the power to grow above my problems. And, I did.

It was time to get my life back on track. It was time for massive and determined action, and movement. Grant Cardone puts it this way,

"You must live a life where you cross lines and push limits. You must commit to and demand to create success in your personal life and business."

I was done being at the mercy of life. It was time to take back the reins of the affairs of my life. This was the backdrop against which Amuludun Farms came into existence. So, as much as I was trying to help someone else, I was hungry, ready, and resourced.
"Gratitude is a celebration we are all invited to." ― Cleo Wade.
So, we went ahead to take possession of our farmland. We sunk a borehole in it and sunk one also in the village for our host. We are not here to exploit the people or the land. We are here to add to them, to place them on the map of life.

That rhythm with the goal, vision, and logo we have given to ourselves. It is "changing lives." This is the core of all that we do. We are all about changing lives. First, changing the lives of all who come to work for and with us.

We are privileged to be the reason many families have not gone to bed hungry. People have benefited because we are. Starting from our first and second employees, our Farm Workers, Farmers, artisans, and casual workers. 

Our joy and fulfillment are in the difference we have made and continue to make in and to every life we have touched. Second, changing the lives of our host community. The borehole we sunk came with all that was needed to make it operational.

We are blessed by the smiles we brought to their faces. And, we are not done. We have registered an NGO with the intent of doing much more. Our intent is to modernize our host village and use it as a base to affect other villages also.

This is our reason for all that we do, changing lives, and leaving our own dent in humanity's evolution and civilization. So, help us God.

#HumanExperience #humanenergy

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