Wednesday 24 January 2024


“Our goal should not be to be employed, but to be employable.” ― Patricia Fripp.

Jim C. Collins in his book, Good to Great, teaches, "employees are not the greatest asset of a company, the right employees are." A company is not a charity organization, it exist to make profit, irrespective of its stated vision and or mission statement. If it fails to make profit, it stops being a going concern.

Its vision and mission statements, and its values dictate its unique branding for differentiation in the marketplace. These are translated into its culture and systems of operation. These need the right employees fit to make them work. For, the systems and culture have no life of their own until they are embodied.

The organization has its needs, just as much as the employees have their own. Harmony is found when these find commonality, when each come together for what each can give, not what they can receive. That is, the organization empowers the employees to function, and the employees empower the company's culture and systems.

Their coming together must not be driven by that which each can gain, but by that which each can give. This is where a lot of people miss it. They fail to see the need of the Organization. They fail to see the Organization as a living being.

They are all about what they can derive, not what they can give, hence they remain either unemployed, or unprofitable, nor promotable. They do not self-actualize. Hence, are not the right fit for the company. For, as much as the company is all about what it can give, what keeps the relationship alive is what the company and the employee receive.

Hence, the secret to indispensability is making oneself so valuable to the organization it will lose if one leaves. And, at the interview panel, help them know what they will be losing if they do not employ you. Sell your value, what you have to contribute, not your liabilities.

The Saint.

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