Sunday 4 September 2022

Be Prepared to Put in the Work:

“Marriage requires effort and time and talking and connecting. You have to maintain it.” — Chip and Joanna Gaines, married 18 years.

Let no one deceive you. There ain't no marriage made in heaven. Every successful, healthy and life giving marriage requires work, without exception. NO marriage runs on autopilot. EVERY marriage requires sacrifice by both parties involved in the union. It is ALWAYS a give and take.

It is never a 50/50. It is always a 100/100. No half baked commitment will work. Both parties need to give their all to make it work. Notice we have not said both parties need be perfect. Nope. Perfect people don't marry, only imperfect people do. 

Perfect people are too good for others. They ain't suited for the happiness that marriage brings. For they do not risk being sad, therefore they cannot be happy. There ain't no happiness without sadness. You are going to fail. It ain't a curse. It is a mere voice of reality.

Marriage is two imperfect people giving their all to make each other better and happy, while on the way to their own better persons and happiness. Here is to your own successful, happy, healthy and life giving marriage.

The Saint.

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