Wednesday 6 April 2022

Why Do Women Test Men? (Part Twelve)

I could tell you more about my relationships, but I figure that is not the reason for this series. So, let me pause on that path, for now. We have looked at basically two tests women embark upon in choosing a partner for their love boat. To reiterate, the first is, "does he love me?" That comes up with a broad group, as it encompasses a range of platonic and romantic relationships.

Unfortunately, this gets abused by the extremists. Remember, "the devil (death and all that is bad) is always in the adverbs, the extremes." God (life, and all that is good) is always in the balance. The first set of extremists is those who are very friendly to a fault. Everyone is their friend. They are so friendly, they couldn't differentiate a boy from a girl. 

I was slightly caught in this bracket. I love people. Every and anyone who knows me can easily attest to that. It comes from my calling. I am a Pastor and a Teacher. I couldn't be without loving people. My love for people is what makes me do all I do, for free. The metaphysical rewards I get keep my fire burning and my motors running. It's a call, not a job, nor a career.

The saving grace for me was I fell in love, at first sight, early. Something about her connected with something in me. Unfortunately, I was young, inexperienced, and stupid. I was enraptured but did not know how to progress it. So, you see, I learned how to be a coach by doing it wrongly, at first. My ignorance, plus my propensity to love all, worked against me.

The closing words to that relationship were, "you are too nice to a fault." Well, that was the cost of my schooling in relationships. I got burnt so I can help others. Lest I forget, we are here talking about women, and I am a man. Let's get back on track. This extreme group assumes there is always time for romantic relationships, and hence gets lost in the platonic, till it is too late. 

Their platonic could be with or without benefits. The key demarcation is their lack of vision for the future. They are lost in today of their life. Such get a rude awakening to their predicament when they finally observe the drying stream around them. Then comes the popular phrase or quote, "when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable."

Well, we are at another pause point. We will pick it up from here next time. Till then, do let me keep hearing from you. I want to tune this to your own frequency. I want to sync with you. So, help me help you. Let's have fun doing this.

The Saint.

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