Monday 17 January 2022

Never Settle.

“What keeps me going is goals.” — Muhammad Ali.

"Goals and Going," kind of rhyme. Right? There is a reason for that. Goals are all about movement, not complacency. The fastest way to die before your time is not to have a goal. It is not to have a there your life is pushing and pressing towards. Goals call on the life within to overwhelm you and extend to your environment.

The day you stop having goals, that day you start dying. That day you lose relevance and reason for existence. No wonder the giver of life called the old rich fool home, in the holy book. His field had produced a bountiful harvest. Instead of him setting a new goal for the next shoreline to aim for, he decided to settle.

He thought he had arrived. He lost his essence for life. So, the giver of life took it to conserve the oxygen for those who need it. A sure bad example to follow. The essence of living is in the impact we make, each and every day. That impact is given life to by our goals. For goals are messages to our subconsciousness to function.

Goals call our being to action, to make a difference. It is the direction of our armed forces to war in bringing its focus to pass. It is our beckoning to infinite wisdom to cause His power to make a difference in our world. It is our awakening to life, and all that it entails. There is always a new mountain to climb. A new sea to conquer. A new river to cross.

Your life does not end with the accomplishment of your last goal. It's time to dream again. It's time to conquer new and greater territories. we are never done until we are done. Until then, let us keep dreaming, setting goals, and accomplishing them.

The Saint.

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