Wednesday 19 January 2022

Insured for Change.

“Change alone is unchanging.” ― Heraclitus. 

This is both comforting and disheartening all at the same time. we humans are so quick to forget this when things are going our way and slow to remember when things are not. It parallels the popular saying, attributed to Winston Churchill, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." 

Irrespective of our status in life, we must bear this in mind, "the universe ain't static." Things are ever in motion. Scenes are changing. New scenarios are breaking through. Just because we are successful today does not guarantee we will be in the next scene that life is bringing forth.
Just because we are not successful today does not guarantee it will stay the same in the next scene. We are the only ones who can guarantee who and where we are in each scene life is presenting and will present. That is why we have the wonders called, "insurance" and "planning."
We insure ourselves against perceived risks. We plan to harness opportunities. We don't leave anything to chance. Chance only sides with the negative downward pull of life. To fail to plan is to plan to fail. It is to give up our power and endowment. 

Change is certain, so we use it for our own good and wholeness. Why not?

The Saint. 


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