Saturday 20 November 2021

Happy 25th Work Anniversary to Me.


This past Thursday was my silver work jubilee at my present employment. Who would have thought I'd stay that long in a singular place. Very much against the flow of how I talk. I truly am a conservative person. I abhor too many changes, especially the sudden ones. I love being in control; having my ducks in a row; my T's crossed and my I's dotted. 

I would have thought of myself otherwise, but retrospection is not on my side. I worshipped at the same church for Twenty-eight (28) years until three (3) years ago, when the Lord tore me out. Even then I struggled. My familiar territory was taken away. My comfort zone was gone. I had to build again. I had to actively engage my subconscious mind in establishing my new territory.

I didn't like it, but this was God putting a gun on my head. "You either wake up to what I want you to, or I take you away." Well, such was my close touch with death. I treasure life a whole lot more today. I take nothing for granted. And, I am always ready for the next move. I am now getting accustomed to change. I am now getting accustomed to rocking the boat a whole lot more.

Having faced death, what could be worse?

A Journey Worth Remembering:

Twenty-Five (25) years has been quite a journey. Yet It feels just like yesterday. I can remember coming in to write the aptitude test with a multitude, learning they only wanted two (2) or so. I had written many more aptitude with Shell and Mobil prior, but this was the first and only one here. All bets were on for me to have gotten a place at Mobil, but it never happened. God's ordination.

Shell was always an "almost," but it never happened. God's ordination. This one, which was never really on my radar, was the one that clicked amidst not really knowing anyone here. That, however, will not be completely true. I had people working here from my MBA class at UNILAG, and I had Pastor Gibson Ola, who was a pastor at my church. None had anything to do with my application, though.

However, a serendipitous moment occurred a while before my application. Mr. Sunday Adenariwo's car broke down on the expressway close to my house and my church, then. That was my opportunity of meeting him for the first time via Pastor Gibson Ola who was trying to assist him. I gave him assess to our home phone to call for the company's help in moving his vehicle.

So, meeting him on the interview panel was my second time ever meeting him. Well, I scaled through the aptitude and technical tests before the face-to-face interview. Four of us were initially offered employment, one did not accept as she had another offer with Mobil. So, someone else was offered her place and another two (2) offered positions to make a total of six (6) of us in that employment cycle.

Well, of the six of us, one is late, two (2) have taken early retirement packages, and only three (3) of us remain in the system.

My Gratitude.

Twenty-Five (25) years with my present employment has been a great ride. I am grateful for the privilege of working here. I have, practically, traveled the whole world by virtue of my employment. I have lived and still partly live in the USA. I have been handsomely rewarded financially. And, I have had the privilege of meeting several folks.

It has not been all rosy, from a people perspective, as might be expected. As, my Pastor, in Houston, would say, "there are three types of people: those who love you, those who hate you, and those who could not be bothered." That is so very true in my journey, here. From the word go, there were those who wanted to force me into their own small box, but that only meant they saw the side of me such get.

There have also been my angels through the journey. Standing tall amongst these is Keith Daniel. We worked the Swamp gloriously. And, I was content working the Swamp, but was asked to come work the office. Keith was instrumental to missionary works in the Creeks, including helping with adoption of a baby girl whose mom did not survive the birth. 

Next was Steve Doublin. We did have a cordial work relationship. These were the only two who stood out amongst the bosses I have had to work with. I have had the privilege of many mentees, friends, associates, acquaintances, brothers and sisters. You are all appreciated. Thanks for being you. You know me.

Thank God, through all the highs and lows, thick and thin, I am here. I got six (6) more years to go. I have stated both privately, and publicly, these are my gratitude years. They are my opportunity to show gratitude to this company before my exit. The focus is not what I get in these last years. It is all about giving to appreciate the privilege of having been a part of this great company.

So help me God.

St. Akin de Great.

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