Thursday 18 November 2021

A Word for My 26 Year Old Self.

Yesterday, Twenty-Eight (28) years ago, I started my first post-graduation job, with Cakasa Nigeria Limited. This was three (3) years after graduation. Making it two (2) years of job hunting. As I commemorate this milestone, I was just wondering, what I might have said to my twenty-six (26) year old self, knowing all I know today. 

Here we go.

Welcome to the marketplace, but don't feel too comfortable. Don't be too carried away by the prospect of earning your own money. You are not home yet. Today is the day you start planning your exit from the job market. That is to say, your retirement. This job is not your last bus stop. It is merely a start, and one of the possible many in arriving at your destined position. 

What you do and make of this first job, however, will determine the rest of the journey. It is foundational, the first step of the many more to be built on. You need to have a financial plan. No salary is either too much or too small, it is what you do with it that matters. Who comes out top at the end of the journey is not who was paid the most, nor who worked for the big corporation. 

Who comes out tops is the person who used the salary, not the ones who were used by their salary. So, remember NEVER to spend more than 70% of all you make irrespective of your financial situation. If you can keep this singular commitment you are set for serendipitous occasions. Now it is not going to be easy to achieve this feat. The news is already out that you entered the job market.

Many hunters for your money have been awoken. These include pastors, supposed friends, poor and needy people, etc. All they are after is to get a portion of your salary. And, guess what? They feel entitled to. They feel you owe them, just because you come to their church, or they have your audience. They give it different names, but all gunning for the same bottom line. Beware. 

All these knows is their own pocket, just as you should also care for your own pocket. Defend your home ground. It is YOUR responsibility, irrespective of the cock and bull stories they'll come with. So, "Thou shalt never spend more than 70% of all you make." It's the 11th commandment. Obey it, and it will get you to heaven, temporally and spiritually. 

The discipline you learn by doing this will affect every other discipline in your life. Take care of number one, and number will take care of you. This is in no way to excuse you from your responsibilities. It is just to say, you should do it responsibly, and not under witchcraft manipulations. You are responsible, so you MUST make responsible decisions within your allowed 70%. No cock and bull story should allow you to go over.

If you do this little, all will be well with you. You'll have a good life, even if you stay on this one job the rest of your work life. Your discipline will promote you.

Best of the journey.

The Result.

Well, Twenty-Five (25) years ago, today, I resigned from Cakasa Nigeria Limited.

I fell short of my financial counsel. I did nothing tangible with all I made. I was a pastor and a good brother. I did not know how to say no to a need. The general word out was, "if you get to Bro. Akin your problems will be solved." That was good on one side. On the flip side, no one knew how much pain it caused to be me. My colleagues were renting their own apartment and marrying on the same salary.

I was not married and living in my father's house. Yet, I was coming out short at the end of the month. Let no one deceive you, that was not good - spiritually or temporally. I was a failure in the discipline of finance, and in having a general grip over my life. I was just carried by grace. It was the making of a "Sage." Thank God I woke.

St. Akin de Sage.

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