Friday 1 October 2021

Visualize Yourself Being Confident, Brave & Attractive (1/25).

Visualize Yourself Being Confident, Brave & Attractive. (1/25)


I recently read an article with the title, "25 Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence (Drastically!)." As one who is a stickler for confidence, I was easily absolved. A desire to write articles on each of the ways arose in me, and I bought into it. I am a shooter. I love shooting. So, here I go shooting.

Define the Goal:

If we are going to achieve our goal of being confident we are going to need to define what it looks like to us. It is important that it is what it looks like to us, and not to another person. Our confidence will only stand if and only if it is supported by our values and belief system. Otherwise, it will be a failure. It needs to be genuine and not make-believe. Hence, needs to be driven by and from who we are as a person.

Summon Your Subconsciousness:

We need to know and accept the confident outlook we seek. The only way we are going to achieve that is by first defining, or creating a picture of who he or she is, then selling it to our subconsciousness. We sell it by focusing on the picture we create. Focus is the means of communicating with our subconsciousness. Focus creates or simulates a trance, which in effect knocks off our conscious mind, and opens the door to our subconscious mind.

Our subconsciousness is the prophecy fulfilling part of our being. In it resides all the stories of our lives, both the true ones and the false, make-believe, ones. Our story is the engine that runs our life. Our story is our philosophy, our belief, our values, the base constituent of all that we are. Our subconsciousness works to keep congruency with these. It hates and abhors things that are out of congruence.

That is why it is so very important to sell your desired aim, picture, target, goal, the vision of confidence to your subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is only active when we are awake. Our subconscious mind is fully in control when we are asleep but only controls about 46% of our awake time. On average, an adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. This is practically undoable at the conscious level.

The secret is engaging our subconsciousness to work on our behalf in producing the more confident self we desire.

St. Akin de Sage.


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