Tuesday 26 October 2021

Do Something Challenging Every Week (3C/25). Part C.


This is the third part of the third of 25 Ways to Drastically Improve our Self-Confidence. Somewhere in our fantasy and sometime in our lives we all had wished for a life without stress, gravity, friction, or boundaries. Right? Let us for a second imagine such a world. What will we be missing? A whole lot. Nothing will truly work. It will be the definition of chaos like no other. The seeming limitations are actually for our own good. They help us gain roots, grit, and audacity. 

With no friction, for example, we will not be able to stop once we set out any motion. Without gravity, we will all be sucked into space. With no stress, there will be no reason to do anything, whatsoever. Where there are no boundaries, everything is up to assumptions. Assumptions empower the emotions and instincts to run riot. Those are two deadly things to combine. Left to run riot, they can practically make us do ANYTHING we can imagine and even more, including doing absolutely nothing.

Defining The Boundaries:

"Everybody ought to do at least two things each day that he hates to do, just for practice." (William James) And, we know practice makes permanence, second nature. It makes better and better, unto excellence. This need not be haphazard but planned. You don't want chaos, you want an ordered change. So, the first way to push boundaries in your life is to be the initiator. What are the demons in your life, things limiting you from being all you can and want to be? 

There are some things that can be changed, and there are others that cannot be changed. Wisdom is knowing the difference. Let wisdom rule. Not everything that can be changed needs to be changed. There are things that need to be kept as landmarks from generation to generation. These include our core values and beliefs, for as long as they are working for us. Not everything that can be changed is within our immediate control. And, that is okay. Life will not hold us ransom for such. 

Life only holds us ransom for the things that can change, needs to change, and are within our immediate control and influence. These we have no excuse concerning. These are the ones life expects us to win our victories over. These are the ones we are called to practice, exercise, and work out. These are the mountains we want to get down to moving, howbeit, one stone at a time. This is different for each of us, for it has to be such as in the direction of the goals, vision, and purpose we have set and discovered for our life.

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