Sunday 12 September 2021

You are the Master.

“The quality of your life depends on how you respond to the situations and circumstances you find yourself in.” — Patricia Fripp.

Life happens to us all. We are not who we are or are becoming because of life. Life happens to us all. Our differentiation is not in the life that happens to us all. It is in what we each do with life that happens to us. Easy differentiation is if you respond or react. To react to life is to fail at the issue of life. That is a sure road to hell, a sure way downstream where all the dirt is washed.

Life is meant to be responded to, not reacted to. Life should not make you, it was never its purpose. Its purpose is an enhancement, not a creator. Life should meet you set on a defined path. Your beliefs and values should already be settled. Life only comes to cement those, not give you new ones. Life is our gym our chief examination officer.

For every truth will be tested. Every belief, value, faith, doctrine, etc. will be tested. Once you make a definite decision life will test it. Life is not for the uncommitted. It has a way of judging and sifting such out of contention. While it approves of the genuine and true. Life comes as your gym instructor and routine to help you build muscles in your true person so you can fulfill your purpose.

Life is for us, not against us. It is an asset, not a liability. The secret is in seeing it as it is, and harnessing it to the optimum. Life ALWAYS comes with its secret treasures to give to only those who come through and pass its exam. Like we like to say, "there is a treasure in the eye of the storm." Focus on the treasure, rather than be distracted by the storm. The storm did not come to kill you, but rather to approve of you.

Use your storm. Don't be overwhelmed by it. You have been approved for a miracle. Take it.

St. Akin de Great.

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