Saturday 11 September 2021

It Matters.

“Every part of the journey is of importance to the whole.” ― St. Teresa of Avila.

How so much a lot of us grew with the deception there are things we could get away with. Right? Age has thought a few of us a whole lot more wisdom. There is nothing you can ever get away with. Everything affects everything else. There are no insignificant actions, nor thoughts. Every action affects all other actions and thoughts, manifesting. Every thought calls on other thoughts and actions, tuning. It's a connected universe.

Our days are the building blocks of our history, habits, recordings, programming, and conditioning. They are the template we give to our foot soldier, our destiny finder and builder, our subconsciousness to run with. It is a subliminal messaging which finds its way to the very core of who we are and cements itself in position. When fully in position, it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophet looking for and creating circumstances in congruency with it.

Every part of our journey determines the rest of our journey. For we are created to seek congruency. We are created to seek agreement within our own constitution, irrespective of what that agreement might be. It is not a moral system. It is simply a congruent system, for that is the base of a functional human being. We are only functional when the whole of our constitution agrees with what we are set on doing or are doing.

Functionality is a good thing, no doubt, but functional doing what is equally important, if not more important. That brings about the need to focus on the RIGHT things. What are the right things? These are the things that are in consonant with our purpose, calling, person, and walk. That is the place of our joy, fulfillment, and wealth.

St. Akin de Great.

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