Thursday 2 September 2021

Truth is Sacrosanct.

“Truth is always congruous and agrees with itself; every truth in the universe agrees with all others.” ― Daniel Webster. 

Truth is sacrosanct. There is truly no my truth or your truth. Truth is truth, and all truths agree. All truths are parallel. For the truth is reality, even though, or if, it might not appear apparent at first. What is behind the shadow or mirage, the true structure of the matter remains the same across cultures, races; political, philosophical, and ideological divides.

We can only run, but can never hide from the truth. The truth makes all things plain in its own time. That is what time does for us. It reveals that which is true. It sifts out the shaft, impure, and embellishment. It shows us as we truly are. We can only run for so long. It will always catch up with us and strip us bare.

We can either make friends with the truth and let it elevate us, or we choose the opposite to our own detriment. The truth always wins. Ours is the choice as to if we want to win in life or not. Truth is calling. Will you yield today?

St. Akin de Great.


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