Friday 3 September 2021

Life is Easy

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I am fifty-three going on to fifty-four here in December. I ain’t no small kid. I have seen my fair share of life. And, my learnings can be summarized in these five words, “It ain’t worth the stress.” All that you want can and will be yours, it is all a matter of time. If you respect time, time will give you all you ever wanted or dreamt of, or for. It is possible. You are possible. Only let time work it out.

Over the years, I have always counseled my mentees in the workplace, “we will all get there.” It is different for every single one of us, but we will all get there. The real question is what would we have lost in getting there. Would we have sold our health, our relationships, our soul, our, you name it? Or, would we have gained life? Would we have lived our deepest values and beliefs? Would we have found ourselves, or be lost?

Only two days ago, I was chatting with a colleague on those who just elected to take the recently concluded severance package, here in NMA. Some only left with a big title, but no personal respect. They shouldered the job as though their very essence depended on it. One would have thought they’ll carry it along with them into retirement. Some of these had little or no respect for people, only because of their temporal privileges. Now, they are nobodies.

Life is not difficult. We make it so. Life is easy, once you figure it out. It comes in seasons and requires the right amount of devotion and attention for each season. Life requires patience, for things will rarely come out of season. You got to learn to wait and wait responsibly. Life, wealth, health, and all the good things they portend are built. None comes suddenly. They require a period of sowing to yield back of their fruit.

Life is easy. Stop stressing. You can figure it out. You were created to live. Rest. Live. Overcome. It’s your birthright.

St. Akin de Great.


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