Wednesday 25 August 2021

The In-Betweens of Life (3/3):

Our God does His greatest works in the in-betweens of life. That is where growth occurs. That is where transformation, becoming and taking hold occurs. That is where God lives, in the in-betweens of our lives. It is where the miracle of life takes place. 

Those who are under the Abundance Mentality find rest in the in-between of their lives. They are the Isaiah 28:16 people. They are not moved or disturbed by temporal things. They understand things are always in a state of flux. Nothing is permanent. Everything has an expiry date. Therein is wisdom.

Heraclitus puts it like this, "There is nothing permanent except change." Good is not permanent. It either becomes better or worse. Bad is not permanent. It either becomes better or worse. The night is not permanent. It either becomes darker or dawn breaks through. Nothing is permanent except change.

This is both comforting and discomforting all at the same time. It reminds us life is growth. Death is a lack of life, a lack of growth, and the prerequisite disciplines. Death is a rut, a grave with both ends open. That is what you get when you stop engaging and exercising yourself in and with disciplines. That is where you are headed when you do not have a goal, target, dream, or vision. That is fate when one's life is not directed and motivated by strong reasons.

Nothing is permanent. Let the change work in your favor. Dream a dream, live the dream, walk the dream and keep growing.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse.

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