Sunday 15 August 2021

Be Real. Live!

Everyone can be nice to a fault, but that is not the way of life. We all need to be real. Flawless is not real. Flawless can smell phony or acting to a script. Unless we are real we cannot grow.

Marriage is a part of the stream of life. It is not an act. It is the real deal. A man/woman can only act for so long. The real person will come out in a time of crisis and tension. And, if it has not been well cultured and tempered, by the experience of life, it can do unimaginable things.

Acting only builds up tension in the actors. They stifle themselves from fulfilling their own destiny. They become someone other than their real self. This leads to depression in/for a lot of people. We are not here to just practice how to live. We are here to live and live we must. For, in living, we release the tensions of life. We are. We exert our being while learning not to usurp the right and privileges of others.

A key part of living is learning and growing. And, marriage is a key part of this process. For, marriage itself is a school of life. It is a continual process of learning, practice, making adjustments, experimentations, and celebrations (memorials). This is all in a bid to get the very best out of our relationship. It is in no way a passive process. It is an active process, which calls for the whole of us - the whole of our being. It is our path to life and living.

So, be real. Get rid of phony. Get rid of the play-acting. Get rid of the uptightness. Relax. Breathe. You are here to live. You are here to enjoy yourself. You are here to enjoy your marriage. You are here to enjoy your spouse. You are here to enjoy life. You are here to live. 

Live, therefore.

St. Akin de Lover.

© 2016 Akin Akinbodunse

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