Monday 7 June 2021

Respect Your Money. (2/10)
What you don’t respect you cannot have. 

Do you need me to say that over again? What you don’t respect you cannot have. And, that is the stupidity or cunnings where some “lost course” tell you money is evil, then turn around to ask you for the offering. 

Those are men and women straight out of the pit of hell. Why do they tell you money is evil? To loosen your hold on it. That way you easily fall under their spell when they turn around to ask for it. Those are not your friends. 

Those are your enemies, irrespective of the guise they come under. They are agents of the devil.  Let no one deceive you. Money is good and God wants you to not only have it but have a whole lot of it. 

Money is a means of exchange in this realm. It is not useful in the next realm. There is no money in Heaven. If you don’t get money here, that is it. Just like sex, enjoy it while it lasts, in this realm. I like sex. I like money. Not sure how better to say it. 

In fact, I not only like sex. I love sex. I love money.

Do you feel me?

Wealthy June.
St. Akin de RICH.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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