Tuesday 8 June 2021

Plug the Money Drains. (3/10)

Need I write on this? It is a no-brainer. If you are growing to build wealth, then, you have to ensure what you are putting in gathers. It is one of the ways of building wealth, that is preservation and generation. The best way to go about this is to have a plan. 

There are several plans out there, but the most popular and, possibly, most basic is the 10-10-10-70 plan. This is the one offered by my mentor, Jim Rohn, and I have taught the same severally over the years. It is a resident on my blog, in four parts. 

Below are the links to the four-part 10-10-10-70 plan, on my blog.

The 10-10-10-70 Plan (Part One)

The 10-10-10-70 Plan (Part Two)

The 10-10-10-70 Plan (Part Three)

The 10-10-10-70 Plan (Part Four)

The thing about a plan is that it gives you a vision and a defined path toward it. It defines for you those who are your friends and those who are your enemies. Anyone who supports your plan is your friend. Anyone who takes you away from your plan is your worn enemy. Period! There are no two ways about it.

You'll easily find out that those you thought were your friends are actually your enemies. And, some who you thought were enemies, who are actual friends. That is what a plan does to you. It helps clean your glass so you can see clearly. It is your north-seeking compass, getting you back on track any time you miss the way.

So, get yourself on a plan, and take away the deceptiveness of emotions. You want to follow a plan, not your emotions. Especially with all the witches and wizards in the world, all specialized in how to use our emotions against us. You need the plan to rise above such earthly entanglements. 

Never forget the way to wealth is living from the eagle's viewpoint, not the chicken's. When your viewpoint is that of the eagle you soar in your finances. Guaranteed!

Wealthy June.
St. Akin de RICH.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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