Monday 25 January 2021

The Asset Called, Time

Spoilt by Creation:

Time like every other aspect of creation, was created as a blessing, NEVER a curse. Time was created for us, and NEVER the opposite. However, unlike animals, as free moral agents, we can choose to change the order. That is what a great many do to their own detriment.

Whether time then works for or against a person is based on the person's action or inaction. Time, thus, becomes the judge, clarifier, and rule. We can use time, or time can use us. The onus is ours. We know we each are allotted the same amount of time per hour and per day.

Equally Endowed:

The rich and successful don't get any more time allocation than the poor, dejected, and failures. We each get 60  seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day. No one gets anymore, or any less, though hard to believe for the poor, as they look for an alibi for their poverty and sickness.

It is never the shortness nor longevity of time that matters, but the early embankment on the bus of success to ensure every second count. It is the understanding of the seasons, their cyclical nature, and putting the same to use. It is the belief in creation that all things were created for, not against.

Confident in Faith:

Hence, fully persuaded that your treasure, like the homing pigeons, will always find its way home for as long as the home remains home and it maintains its serenity. It knows hurry is a spirit. And, not just a spirit, but an evil spirit. Not just an evil spirit, but the devil himself.

Hence, by extension, quick riches are the bait the devil uses to hang erstwhile good and honorable men and women. You will do good to start early and enter into a hypnotic rhythm on your success journey. Wealth is built. Treasures are built. Success is built. 

You can truly have ANYTHING in life if you start early, enter into a hypnotic rhythm, and give it the time it needs to die, germinate,, and creatively breathe in it. Time is always on your side. The only question is, are you on time's side. The onus is yours.

It's Your Neighbor.
St Akin de Geat.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse.

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