Friday 1 January 2021

Hello! January. Lighting the Fire.

Happy New Month and Year, Family.

Wow! What a year? How many of you are glad 2020 is over? I am. Not because I was running away from 2020. I just needed new. I am a believer in new. Yes, new in its own time and space, not too early, nor too late. New in its proper place and time is it. New brings with it hope, opportunities, and freshness. I believe in the power of the new.

Weathermen and Women:

Just a few hours ago, I wrote a short note on Neville Goddard's quote. He said, "The signs always follow. They never precede." In summary, he is emphasizing the truth we are weathermen and women. We carry our own weather with us wherever we go and or find ourselves. 2021 is no different. We determine our weather in 2021. It does not matter what 2021 carries. We determine what we want from it.

Hoping you already know what you want from 2021. Hoping you have your goals, dreams, and vision fleshed out. Hoping you are done with the first creation of 2021. That you already traveled through from January to December, first to fifty-second (52nd) week, first to the three hundred sixty-fifth (365th) day, and predetermined in your mind's eye what and how you want each to be.

For only as you see, saw them will they be. You have to be done with the first creation before getting the best from the second creation. Yes, your first creation might not be better than an educated guess, but that is the very same way we get the gold that runs our economies. We need that educated guess for the second creation to capture the best value—no difference in our daily lives and living.

Educing December:

This has not been a regular December for me. Regularly, I am shooting on all cylinders, causing "educe." God seemed to have had other ideas. He seemed to have been rather setting me up. We have moved from meeting St. Akin to meeting St. Akin the Great, the Friendly Neighbor, and the Sage. Who is he? God is going somewhere, and I am simply following.

That is all December has been, in closing this awesome year. The Just shall live by faith. Faith is the receiver, the procure of all that is freely given to us on this pilgrimage. My faith shall no more stay idle.

Successful January:

All I ever get to do every January of every year is sharing on "Success" and magnify "The Word." That is all I will be shining the light on in January. Hoping you'll be blessed and set on the right trajectory for the year 2021. Success is God's desire for everyone with the rite of passage to and through this life. The Creator at no time ever destined enough to be unsuccessful. Never.

We were all designed and programmed to succeed. Unfortunately, as part of our rebellion, we got our program corrupted to several degrees. These are all redeemable, and that will be the core of our sharing. Feel free to actively participate. Ask difficult questions. That is the only way we can get the best result out of our time together. If you don't ask, who are you expecting to?


Here is wishing you the very best in the New Year, 2021. Happy New Year from my heart to yours, from my family to yours. May this be your best year ever. I love and appreciate you, from the heart. Thanks for your fellowship here. You make the difference. Let us continue making the difference in 2021.

The script has been finished, signed, sealed, and delivered. Now go act it out. Go live it out knowing, no matter what you face, no matter what comes your way, the end has already been predetermined; you won! Now go forth in this your might and bring in the medals.

Here is a toast to your success and victory always. 

You are the reason why we are. Thanks for being here.

© 2021 Akin Akinbodunse

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