Wednesday 30 December 2020

2021 Starts Today:

All Set for 2021, My Year of God in All His Fulness.

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.” – Pope John Paul II.

I trust you are not one of those expecting 2021 to start on January 1st, 2021. Some of us are actually about already finished with it. Come 12 midnight, 31st December 2020, we actual will be done with it. Any second passed that you're actually already late.

You cannot afford to start 2021 without finishing it. Finishing it is the first creation. Remember, all things are created twice. Your 2021 is no exception to that. You have to first finish it in your mental faculty before you can ever start it. That is if you are interested in making it a perfect year.

I love the way Erwin Rommel, the German Field Marshal and military theorist, puts it. He says, "Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both." The brain you put to work right now will save you unnecessary sweat, blood, and lives (casualties) on the battlefield of 2021.

Yes, the best of your plans will still, at best, be guesswork and will not stand the first impart of 2021. You'll still be a long way, by far, better than the person without one. We don't make plans to become subservient to them. 

We make them so they can serve us in the middle of the battle where and when all the assumptions are not obeying the normal rules of logic. The man or woman with a plan is always ways ahead of a man without one. In fact, the one without a plan is a saboteur bent on ruin the conquest.

To be without a plan is to plan to fail. And, I know that is not your plan. So, please do the only thing that makes sense. Write out a plan for your 2021. What are you tagging 2021? Any tag for the first, second, third, and fourth quarter? What about the months? 

What do you have set for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December? What about the weeks? Did you realize there are fifty-two (52) weeks in 2021? What stops you from giving definition to them?

And, did you realize there are three hundred and sixty-five (365) days in 2021? How do you ensure not one single day is wasted? As Socrates puts it, "The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being." 

In the exact same token, "The unexamined year, quarter, month, week or day is not worth living for a human being." Now is the time to put the scoring template in place so you can live a year, quarter, month, week, and a day worth living as the human being that you are.

Makes sense?

Your friendly Neighbor.

St. Akin the Great.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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