Tuesday 15 December 2020

Feelings: Master or Servant:

I Am En-Theos-ed

"It is how we feel about what we know that makes the biggest difference in how our lives turn out. How we feel about the chances we have and the choices we have determines the intensity of our effort. Whether we try or don’t try. Join or don’t join. Believe or don’t believe." – Jim Rohn.

The Power:

Feelings are probably the most latent force a person possesses. They are the best of servants and the worst of masters. They run the affairs of our lives in ways that are probably beyond human comprehension. They beckon our armed forces, our subconscious mind, to war and work on our behalf.

Feelings are to the subconscious mind the way reasons are to the conscious mind. The conscious mind devours reasons and reasonings. The subconscious mind devours feelings and emotions. Yet, feelings are dangerous when they lose their place of subservience, just as much as reasonings are.

Emotions and reasonings (or intellect) are made for us, and not the reverse. Hence, their uses are served when we use them rather than being subjected to them. What we think affects how we feel and what we do. In the same token, what we feel affects what we think and what we do. Yet, in the very same token, what we do affects how we feel and how we think.

The Fate:

All three are interwoven - our feelings, thoughts, and doings. A lack of knowledge of this could be devastating and detrimental to our growth and development. Carl G. Jung says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." He further states, "Your destiny is the result of the collaboration between the conscious and the unconscious."

It behooves us then to take possession of our conscious life in a bid to gain possession of our unconscious life and thus determine our own fate. We can do this by taking possession of the three musketeers of feelings, things, and doing. Any singular one we take possession of determines possession of the other two. It is no wonder the Holy Book admonishes us to be careful how we hear. 

How we hear, not necessarily what we hear, determines the effect of what we hear on our person and fate. The questions include, "Do we hear with faith, love, and enthusiasm, or with fear and passivity?" According to the Holy Book, how we hear will determine if more will be given to us, or such as we have will be taken away from us. In short, whether we increase or decrease, we have life or death.

Your Call:

Take ownership of your learning, your thinking, your emotions, and your doing. They determine your destiny and quality of life thereof. There are only two choices life offers you - your either take ownership and reign or be negligent and be enslaved. 

Which are you choosing?

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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