Sunday 22 November 2020

Stop The Power Play

The power play is the bane of a healthy and life-giving marriage. It comes from a lack of maturity. It can be exhibited by either or both parties.  Typically, the women exhibit it by holding back sex. The same woman then turns around to blame the man for not holding himself. 

That is in no way to justify unfaithfulness, though. It is up to each spouse to reduce the burden on their partner. The same goes for the men. Women, you are more sensible than to withhold sex from your own husband. Why then did you marry him?

Men typically exhibit their immaturity by tightening their hold on finance. That is, not allowing a free flow to their spouse. How much more stupid can a man be? How can you hold back finance from your own flesh?

If there is anyone in the world to lavish and go the extra mile for, it is your wife. She’s all you’ve got. She is the one who will be there when the "die is cast" and all the fake clouds have dispelled. Why not sow today to and for your own future? That ought to be common sense. Right? 

Wake up to life.

St. Akin de Lover.

© 2015 Akin Akinbodunse

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