Saturday 7 November 2020

Respect Yourself:

"No one can teach you that which they have not done. Beware of who you choose to learn from." ― Tom Hopkins

When a man or a woman sets out to take you to a place he or she has never been before you know you have just entered a one chance bus with no destination, other than to steal from you.

You see a pastor who has never worked in an office before set out to teach about how to work in an office. How does he or she know what he or she is talking about? By the spirit? Really?

Stay with what you know. Stay in your area of calling and strength. You are not super man or woman. You CANNOT DO ALL THINGS. YOU WERE NOT CALLED TO DO ALL THINGS.

Delegate your weaknesses. It is not a crime to be weak. It is only human. This treasure in put in earthen vessels for a reason. Respect yourself.

I heard a Pastor preach on how to make money the other day and I felt like vomiting. Never heard such foolishness in my whole life. Again it is no crime not to know. Stay within your area of strength.

Delegate your weaknesses. It is not a crime. We all have Strengths and weaknesses. It is part of being normal. Being a pastor does not erase your humanity.

Be woke!

St. Akin.



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