Tuesday 24 November 2020

How's the Sporting?

He is a Champion. She is Superlative.

Hypocrisy is the bane of most marriages, especially as it has to do with their sex life. Ever wondered why a lot of erstwhile good men and women are turning to pornography? The person they married is too holy for their role. All they want to do is the “Bishop’s style.” Really? 

The challenge is the “Bishop’s style” might not win you an Olympic medal in the sport you are supposed to engage in with your spouse. Your sticking to the bishop style might be the same as starving him or her. You do know the biggest sex organ is the brain. Right?

So, why starve your imagination. Take away the brain, and you just castrated the person. You might also give place to your imaginations if the visible weapons of mass enjoyment (WME) are in place. Satisfy your spouse. You owe him or her that much. It is not just a privilege. It is a duty—a duty of love.

You are supposed to be enjoying one another. It is not supposed to be a passive act. It is an active essential, life (marriage) saving and enriching act. You are supposed to look forward to it, make time for it, and prepare for it. You are supposed to take your time in it, relishing every second of the act.

Your spouse should be able to see you as an Olympic champion as far as the action (sporting) goes. Why not, if not? You are his or her champion anyway. Why not give him or her more reasons to be proud of you? Go for the gold.

© 2015 Akin Akinbodunse

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