Friday 23 October 2020

Parents: Are You an Example?

"Worry not that your child listens to you; worry most that they watch you." ― Ronald A. Heifetz.

If you are the only example your child has to live his or her life by, will they get to live a good life? I mean, if he or she were deaf to all your mouthy instructions, and your person did all the talking, what are the instructions he or she will pick each day? What is your level of confidence, such a child will be able to stand up to normal life demands? What about the incidences of life?

What kind of life are you preparing your child to face? One which you'll always be there 24/7, as a god or goddess over their life? Or, one in which they can stand all alone, on their own? Is it one in which they can go face their own Goliath, or you keep protecting them from the lion and the bear? Are you planning to proactively cut the umbilical cord, or you want to wait till there are quarrels and incidences of missed destinies?

That which is written is for our learnings and wisdom, so we don't have to repeat the elders' mistakes, but rather build on their learnings and access a new and better world they were not privileged to access. Live your life so your children can have a shoulder to stand on to go further and better than you ever did. That is what parenting is all about.

I am privileged to have one of my daughters following me here on Social Media. So, let me let you in on a little secret. My time here on Social Media is actually part of my parenting responsibility. Every single word I type is with the realization my daughter will read it. So, I have to think about the effect on her life. What kind of person I want her to be? How do I want her to see me? 

What kind of influence do I want to wield in her life? Am I giving her shoulders to stand on, or am I simply blowing smoke? I love my daughter, just as much as I know you love yours. That is not in doubt. What might be in doubt include, do they know? Are you ordering their steps aright? Are you training them in the way they ought to go? Are you sowing the right, quality seeds? Are you cultivating your seed?

You know the answers. You are response-able. Never forget. God is neutral. He is not mocked. What you get is determined by what you put in. The type of sowing determines the reaping you will get. The "cause" will determine the "effect." It is not the poor, innocent woman in the village. It is not the devil. It is you. You hold the keys. Use them.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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