Tuesday 29 September 2020

Nigeria...Religious or God Nation?

Killings, Supposedly, in the Name of God

"It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work. Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier." — Thomas Robert Gaines.

Show your faith by your works...there is a part for you to play...it is God working with you, not just you, nor God alone.

I dare to say without any reservation that there is no nation, here on earth, as religious as my beloved country Nigeria. The keyword is "religious," not necessarily "godly." Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that we are simply having exotic churches and mosques being built all around, yet the people are languishing in poverty? How do you explain the high rate of corruption by these supposed religious people?

Anyone who knows me knows I hate religion. That is probably the first thing you'll notice about me. I don't hate religion just because I want to be different or because it is. or it is not fashionable. I hate religion simply because God Himself hates it. Religion does not get God; it never has, and never will. It has nothing to do with God. It is merely man's invention to cover him and or herself with leaves.

A man or woman comes to the realization of his or her own nakedness, and instead of seeking the proper and right clothing, tries to cover him or herself with leaves, otherwise known as and called religion, in whatever shape or form it might take. It does not matter the label or color we give to the same evil—it is the same man wearing different uniforms.

It is a sheer contraption of the human mind to excuse itself from guilt without giving up his or her evil works. It has nothing to do with God. Instead of being surrendered to and used by God, man seeks to hold God captive and use Him for his or her own ulterior motives and ends. We refuse to take God for who He is and rise up to the occasion of His standards.

We have instead chosen to take the parts of Him that suit us to embellish the evil intent of our own hearts. We give it a name that gives it a form but lacking in an operating power to work the righteousness of the Creator. It is a rebellion against God. Thinking we are wiser than God, we choose to disobey Him yet use the fruits of our disobedience to attempt to worship Him.

Having rejected the creator, we place ourselves on the throne and still wonder why things are the way they are. Isn't it obvious enough? The Holy one looks down in derision and says nothing, but hurts deep down within. He hurts for He sees a people with so much potential, but no actualization.

A people with so much zeal, but no wisdom. A people with so much knowledge. who seem to have understanding, but lack the will to do right. Yet, a people endowed with all it takes to be a great nation. If nations can be caned, Nigeria will be in front of the line. And, who says a nation cannot be caned? Who says we are not already being caned?

The Laws and Principles of Nature are sacrosanct, they cannot be broken. They have no respect for people or nations. Ever since the Creator set them in motion they work without fail. The infightings, kidnappings, religious and ethnic violence, etc. are not isolated incidences. They are the result of a country who has refused to face reality but rather prefers to chase after shadows.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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