Saturday 1 August 2020

Hello August! Let's Rock 'n Roll.

The Maldives - Blue Eyed Girl
Happy New Month, family.

Thank God for numbering us amongst the living. I don't take that for granted at all, as we hear of one person after the other crossing into eternity. I treasure every single second I have on this side of eternity. I know I want a whole lot more. All I have been promised is today.


So, I am going to enjoy the very last bit out of it. Hopefully, as I enjoy it to the fullest with thanksgiving, the giver of life will count me worthy of more. Indeed, ONLY the living can praise Him. So, I live to worship Him. I live to bring glory to His name. I live to do His will, His purpose. I love to partner with Him on an ongoing basis.

Forgive me if sometimes you don't understand me. Maybe I don't understand myself also. I am continually looking for where God is working that I might partner alongside. So, I am pushing myself. I am extending myself. I am stretching myself. If only I can attain and continually be in sync with the master's purpose, will, and workings.

G-Moments, Connecting the Dots:

What a joy it brings to my heart the times I see the shreds of evidence of Him in what I do and say. These are God moments (G-moments) when the dots He is connecting become visible to the human, seeking, eyes. What a refreshing it brings to my soul. What a strengthening of resolve it is. It makes it all worth it. If that is all the reward there is, I am full already.

It is a privilege for the God of the whole Universe to know my address. So, I am just going to continue pressing. I am going to keep seeking. I am going to continue listening. I am going to continue stretching. He is calling, and I am heeding to His call. He's got me, and that is all that matters. He is all I see. He is all I want to see. I am full. I am whole. 

Awesome July:

I hope you enjoyed the month of July as much as I did. Wow! What a month? What a blessing? It was like I needed more than 24 hours in a day. Churning out all those narratives, dozing off in front of my computer, sleeping at odd hours, etc. I guess some people probably think I did a lot. I don't know if their minds will change after they see just how much I still have to do.

All the same, it was fun. All I did is what God ordained for July. All I did not do, was not appointed from July. Who knows, maybe they'll come to live in August. August of every year, I typically focus on Communication. (I know you might not have realized it, but there is a method to the madness that takes place on my pages. At least I try to thread one through them.) 

Looking Forward to August:

I have desired to complete a series on communication in marriage for the last 5-6 years or so. Hopefully, God will grant me the grace to do that this year. It is the natural follow to the one on Commitment I have out there on several media, labels, and formats. Trusting to find the same or even better traction on the "Communication" series.

Welcome again to this month. I am glad you made it, just like I did. Now, let us live the reason we made it. 


"May this be your best month ever. Never ever forget you are a champion. You have greatness in you. You've got potentials. God saw this month from the beginning to its end and put in you all it takes to subdue it. That is why it is called the GOOD (not the ugly, nasty, or dirty) fight. We know the end. We win! Or, as some people would rather say, "We won!"

The script has been finished, signed, and delivered. Now go act it out. Go live it out knowing, no matter what you face, no matter what comes your way, the end has already been predetermined, You won! Now go forth in this your might and bring in the medals.

Here is a toast to your success and victory always. 

You are the reason why we are. Thanks for being there.

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