Saturday 13 June 2020

God Bless Fathers. God Bless Men.

Blessing of a Father, Your Passage Rite Through Life
What will the world be without fathers? What will the world be without men?

The progenitor. The life-giver. The carer. The cover. The protector. The seed carrier. The link between generations. The caresser. The joy giver. The backbone.

Do you have a father in your life? Do you have a man in your life? Bless him, today. Bless him, this week.
Speak words of life over him.

The words you speak over him, are the words you are speaking over your own life. You are pouring water over your own head.

Oh, the blessing of a father. Just as you don't want the curse of a mother, you sure don't want to face life without the blessing of a father.

It is everything. It is an essential armor in your armory. It is an essential rite of passage for your pilgrimage on this side of eternity.

If your life is filled with repeated failures, you might want to consider if you have the blessing of father figures in your life. Those are access keys.

So, prepare to give your father(s) and father figure(s) a special blessing on Father’s Day (21st June 2020), next weekend Sunday.

It does not have to be a tangible gift. A phone call, a chat, a note, a whatever. Anything just to make their soul bless you.


God bless fathers. God bless men.

© 2020 Akin Akinbodunse

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