Monday, 7 June 2021

Making it Happen for One Another

Women please do participate in the act with your husband. Let the girl in you come out. He might want the woman in you at other times. When it comes to sex, what he wants is the girl in you. Just as much as the boy in him is what comes out. Let the boy and the girl enjoy one another. Let it be fun. Joke about it. Loosen up to one another.

Men, let the boy in you toast and prepare her long before the act. Don't just bust on her like a dog. Car...ess her. Set out your bait. Let her feel special. Let her owe you. Give her a reason to want to release her body to you. Being married to you is not enough reason. There is much more she can give, if only you know the combination number.

Market yourself to her. Let her want the product. Play with her body. Wait for her to invite you in. And, when you do go in take your time to enjoy and relish it. Seek to also make her enjoy it while you are in.

Women, be the cheerleader for your husband. Hail him while he is doing it. Shout his name. Make some sound. Let him know he is touching something in you. Let him know you are feeling him. Tell him he is too much. Let him know you will choose him over and over again. Let him want to please you. Let the tiger in you loose. Enjoy your husband. Don't give him a reason to go look for some "Delilah" outside. Satisfy him, even as he seeks to satisfy you.

Men, when your interest is down, don't be too much in a hurry to dissociate yourself. Though your interest is down, your wife is still in "cloud 9." she wants you to hold her as she relishes the experience and comes back down to earth. She needs you to hold her in your arms. She needs to know that she has a man to cuddle, protect and cover her. She needs to know you want more than the sex. She needs to know she is important to you. She needs to know she is your girl.

St. Akin de Lover.

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