Saturday 1 February 2020

Certainty in the Uncertainties of Life

Toward the latter half of 2015, God began to quicken in my heart the power and potency of the word, “Uncertainty.” Wow! What a word? Did you realize the only certainty in life is God, and the things He has chosen to give definite boundaries to? Most of the other things are truly uncertain, especially the tiny little details. Typically there is a level of certainty in the big picture. The uncertainty is in the little tiny details, which create the big picture.

How certain did you suppose Abraham was when God promised him a city? His believe in the certainty of God created a picture of a city with foundations, a city laid out and built by God. How did that match the reality of his experience? Was he disappointed? Oh, No! Sure, No! His faith was not in the city. His faith was in God.

How certain did you suppose Joseph was when he dreamt of being a ruler? How was he able to keep and maintain his dream through all the disappointments? His faith was not in the small, tiny little events along the way. His faith was in the final story. His faith was in the God who guarantees the final story. It did not matter the detours, the word over him had all the power to bring his dream to fruition.

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